Do Writers Fit In Boxes? Try This Personality Test

How has your week been?

Has it been an On Top Of The World week full of compliments and accomplishments?

Has it been sad, disappointing and not gone the way you had hoped?

From the highest elated and great day full of awards, the same sex wants to be you and opposite sex wants to own you, all the way to a break up, missed quota, or someone  has died. Life is full of highs and lows. Even the most analytical thinker can have an emotional day. But usually writers are not only analytical thinkers they are also able to tap into their emotions and better yet, articulate them. An unusual combination for sure, one that can surprise those who are getting to know you. Many people will try to put a writer in a simple box. It’s not that they can’t, they shouldn’t.

So, there is a test going around, Helen Fisher Personality Test, taking some of that into consideration. Four types, and you are your two highest scores. So you are not even just one type. You are a blend and that is where the multiple combinations expand.

Where you can take the test:                                Also at

Here is a great site that explains Fisher’s description of each:

Results for Dr Helen Fisher’s Why Him? Why Her? Personality Test for Love

So what are you? Builder, Explorer, Director or Negotiator?

What am I? Who knows? I scored so equal between them all I say it was inconclusive. But the moto is :


Have fun learning something about yourself and don’t forget to come tell me.


2 thoughts on “Do Writers Fit In Boxes? Try This Personality Test

  1. I enjoyed taking the test! I am a negotiator…that’s what I would have assumed. The only thing that surprised me was that I was close in 3 categories! I figured I would be way ahead in negotiator and way low in the others! Thanks for sharing! I’m a writer and author of one book, and you’re so right….writers are all different, just like everyone else.


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