Work In Progress


Update: I am in second draft edits on the book below. I will then send to my editor, Liv Radue) I wrote the book before I had the editor but how awesome she goes by the same name) I can’t wait to see her feedback. Before I do that I will send it to my beta readers though. So they’re expecting it by September.



At the top of her career, Olivia Treager, New York literary agent, embraces retirement to the Virgina countryside in search of peace and tranquility to nurse a broken heart of lost love and a lost child. She asks her old high school boyfriend to replace her, his dream job. On the way to her office, something will happen that will alter Olivia’s life forever and send her on a quest to help a three-year old little girl. The journey she can’t say no to will alter every plan she has ever had and change her past forever.

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